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Teleconsultation: your expatriate health insurance innovates

What is teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation was officially implemented by the French social security in 2019, following the amendment to the medical convention of June 2018.

Teleconsultation is by definition a consultation carried out remotely of a patient by a physician (general practitioner or any other medical specialty), the patient may or may not be assisted on this occasion by another health professional (e.g. physician, nurse, pharmacist...).

Please note that teleconsultation is not an emergency service!

Concerning the particularities of this service in France, we recommend that you consult the website

Teleconsultation abroad 

Your expatriate insurers have followed the trend and some have already included the teleconsultation service in their expatriate health plans.

You will find teleconsultation with Assur Travel, Crystal Mobility and The French Assurance via MEDECIN DIRECT, or with Humanis via AXA Partners. Wellaway also offers an e-consultation service.

Please note that teleconsultation is not an emergency service! In case of emergency, you must contact the 24-hour assistance number provided by your expatriate health insurance company. The service is reserved for holders of health contracts that include routine medical care since it is a real medical consultation that is similar to an office consultation in which the physician gives a diagnosis and can prescribe treatment and tests.

What is Médecin Direct?

Médecin Direct is a secure platform, accessible by internet, mobile application or telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is operated by state-qualified nurses and physicians registered with the National Council of Physicians.

Teleconsultation allows you to receive free medical advice and REVIEW, to carry out a remote consultation and to obtain a medical diagnosis, and eventually a medical prescription.

The reasons for which you can contact the teleconsultation service are multiple: common infections, follow-ups such as prescription renewals or laboratory results, digestive problems, skin conditions such as rashes / itching or stings, or advice for pregnancy or other conditions such as anxiety, quitting smoking...

To access it, simply create your online client space with the login and password provided by your expatriate insurer. For Assur Travel and The French Assurance, GAPI provides access from the home page of your client space by clicking on the Médecin Direct image. This way, the form will already be pre-filled in, or you can access it directly via the internet. Crystal will also send you an email with your login information so that you can create your account directly on the internet. Registering with Médecin Direct is quick, easy and secure.

What is AXA Partners?

AXA Partners is the Humanis secure teleconsultation platform, composed of qualified nurses and physicians registered with the National Council of Physicians. It can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you contact the platform, a nurse will take your call and then redirect you to a physician who can advise you, direct you to a local physician or health care facility, or write you a prescription for medication or additional tests.

The physician will not be able to issue a refill prescription for chronic illnesses, nor will he or she be able to issue a sick leave or medical certificate.

E-Consultation at Wellaway

The e-consultation service allows you to contact a physician very easily by making an appointment online via your client space. You can contact a general practitioner or specialist in the network by phone or via webcam in a secured environment. The physician will be able to advise you, establish a diagnosis, give you a second medical opinion or even write you a prescription.

For any additional information on these services, you can consult the brochures and general conditions of your insurers. Specific documentation has been put in place to inform you about teleconsultation with Assur Travel, The French Assurance and Humanis.

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