Legal notices as per the French Insurance Law

Les conditions contractuelles des assurances expatriés

About HealthForExpats

HealthForExpats is a registered trade mark of International Santé SARL. International Santé SARL is an insurance brokerage company with a capital of 20000€, whose head office is located Hélios 3, 116 route d'Espagne 31100 Toulouse. It is registered in the Toulouse Trade Register under number 797 778 446.

As an insurance intermediary, it is registered with ORIAS under the number 14001206 and has taken out civil liability insurance and a financial guarantee in accordance with articles L512-6 and L512-7 of the Insurance Code.

You can check this registration on the website www.orias.fr or by mail by writing to ORIAS, 1 rue Jules Lefebvre 75331 Paris Cedex 09.

What is the relationship between HealthForExpats and the insurance companies?

HealthForExpats is under no contractual obligation to work exclusively with one or more insurance companies. HealthForExpats's advice is based on an objective analysis of the market and the needs expressed by the policyholders.

Any insurer or insurance manager who wishes to do so can request to be included in the comparison service presented online by HealthForExpats.

Who to contact in case of a complaint?

All claims should be addressed in the first place to HealthForExpats : Service Réclamations - Hélios 3, 116 route d'Espagne 31100 Toulouse - reclamations@international-sante.com.

HealthForExpats will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 10 days and provide you with a response within 20 days of your complaint.

If the dispute persists or if you are not satisfied with the response, you may also contact the policy administrator or its mediator. The contact details are noted in the general conditions of your policy.

If the customer does not receive an answer within two months of the initial complaint, or if the customer is still not satisfied after receiving the second answer, the customer may refer the matter free-of-charge to our mediator by regular mail (La Médiation de l'Assurance - Pôle CSCA - TSA 50110 - 75441 PARIS Cedex 09 - France), by email (le.mediateur@mediation-assurance.org) or directly via the website (www.mediation-assurance.org). This mediation is done without prejudice to other legal means of action.

The authority in charge of the supervision of the insurance company is the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) - 61 rue Taitbout 75436 Paris Cedex 9 - Website: acpr.banque-france.fr.

What law is applicable?

The relationship between HealthForExpats and its policyholders is governed by French law. The law governing the relationship between a policyholder and their insurer is defined in the policy they have subscribed together.

How can I cancel my subscription ?

In application of the terms of article L 112-2-1-III of the French Insurance Code, the insured has a right of cancellation during 14 calendar days, a period which starts from the date of receipt of the policy.

If you are in this case, you should notify your insurer or HealthForExpats of your right to cancel using either the appropriate form included in your application documents or the form found hereunder. If the coverage has been in effect prior to the exercise of this right, the insurer may retain the amount of the portion of the premium related to the coverage period.


To be returned by registered mail within 14 days from the date of receipt of the policy to HealthForExpats Hélios 3, 116 route d'Espagne 31100 TOULOUSE.

"I, the undersigned: ________________________________________

Declare that I cancel my subscription:

- Name of insurer: ____________________________

- Policy number: ____________________________

That I had contracted on ..../....

Done at (city) on (date) Signature."

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