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Compare and save money.

Comparing is the key to paying the right price for the best expatriate health insurance - and an effective way to reduce your healthcare budget.

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Don't waste time filling out multiple questionnaires. With just one form, you'll get the best rates from the leading health insurers on the market.

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Healthcare information for expats

Choose your international insurance with the help of our guides on local insurance, health systems, and specific risks. Afterwards, an advisor can tell you more.

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How it works

20Insurance providers presented

Any insurer can be included in the comparison tool.

Comparison of 300+ insurance plans

On a single screen, you can compare all the expatriate health insurance plans that best meet your budget and healthcare needs.

PièceIndependent overview of insurance plans

The ranking is done according to prices and personalized according to your needs.

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VIP support
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Instant comparison of insurance plans

What kind of care is covered, and what are the overall limits? Are you 100% covered for hospitalizations or routine medical care? Are optical and dental care covered as well? HealthForExpats is clear and simple. Our comparison tool provides you with nonbiased analyses based on your needs. Benefits and rates are displayed according to your criteria and ranked from lowest to highest price.

Conseiller mutuelle expatrié
An expert in the healthcare of your destination country helps you make the right choice

Nothing beats a conversation with a real person, especially when it comes to something as important as health insurance. We can help you find a plan that suits you and your current lifestyle.
One of our experts in the healthcare of your destination country will help you make the right choice, as they are perfectly familiar with local medical costs and the rules of local healthcare services.

Expatriée zen et bien assurée
We assist you for the entire duration of your expatriation.

Your advisor will be there to help you deal with your insurer for the entire duration of your plan. You won't have to worry about time zones or who to call, as your advisor will take care of that. They know the insurers inside and out, and are familiar with their staff as they work with them on a daily basis.


Why should you compare
expatriate health insurance ?

A direct cost that must be assessed with precision

Budget assurance expatrié
7% to 20%
of your budget

Manual comparisons are essential for health insurance, as healthcare-related expenses usually represent 7 to 20% of your overall expatriate budget (depending on your family situation and country).

Manual comparing would be time consuming and almost impossible to achieve.

80% price difference between 2 insurers
for equivalent coverage !
Each insurer defines its own pricing rules:

By destination: one country can be 50% more expensive with one insurer than with another.
By age and family situation:
some insurance companies favor young people, while others favor families (thus the price differences).
By other specific criteria:
country of origin, travel outside the destination country, length of stay, expatriate status, pre-existing medical conditions, and more…
Our expatriate health insurance comparison tool brings all this information together in one place.
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Good to know before making your decision

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Our expatriate health insurance specialists will help you save money:

Choosing your international health insurance is not easy, even with all the comparison data available. The financial stakes are high: premiums are expensive and hospitalization fees even more so. You may have a lot of unanswered questions.
Our advisors are here to help. They will help you choose the right insurance plan for your healthcare needs and destination. Our health insurance professionals know the constraints of international healthcare inside and out. Feel free to give us a call.

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Practical guides to inform and share experience:

Our fact sheets, guides, and checklists help you prepare for your trip by providing you with practical information on the healthcare system in your destination country.
More than 40 advice sheets for expatriates and travelers:
- How can a non-French citizen apply for the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger?
- Tips on choosing a bank for your expatriation.
- Will I be covered by the local Social Security?

Healthcare guides by country :
Our guides are written by expatriates and travelers. You can share your own experience to make them even more complete.

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Tip for your first expatriation: original and economical plans.

You're going to live abroad for the first time, or you're leaving for 6 to 12 months "to try it out:" discover the Emergency Bonus, a plan that covers emergencies for up to 18 months before converting into a complete expatriate health insurance plan. A good way to control your budget, be covered in the case of an emergency, and be fully covered if you decide to stay.

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Tip for small budgets: take out a "hospitalization only" plan.

A "hospitalization only" plan will help you prepare for the worst-case scenario, grant you access to the best hospitals, and prevent you from having to pay up front. Some hospitals will not treat you if you do not have insurance or if you cannot pay a deposit of several thousand euros. Too many expatriates forget health insurance because they don't know about these plans. In English, we say "you play or you pay!"


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Why expatriates trust us

Expatriate health insurance

Discover videos of expatriates who have been insured for many years. These expats are often surprised by the healthcare system in their destination country and sometimes have problems with hospitals, physicians, and even health insurers. Luckily, they benefit from outstanding support from our advisors. Their favorite part about HealthForExpats? The human touch.

Expatriate health insurance

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